Ositos-tiernos-para-dar-a-una-niña-tierna-3The other day talking to the old man, I felt him half-hearted and I asked him what’s the matter. He told me that he had a problem with a potential seller and the buyer: they had arranged the sale of the property among them, in a particular way, of course, totally putting aside the real estate that the old man handles. He also told me that what bothered him most was that he felt it as a kind of betrayal, because he had a bussiness with the seller a few months ago and had fought a good price and made him pay a few dollars less. I kept thinking for a second and without hesitation I said: – At this point in life, and having gone through so many, I know that these situations hurt, annoy, but you have to let them pass as soon as possible. In reality, this has to be healed from before: We should not have expectations about the actions of others, precisely because that is what hurts, that its action is not what we expected, isn’t it? And that word that was ringing in my head: betrayal … He made me tell the raw truth. And is that many years ago, when I was a teenager, I lived like a movie, and they were sequences that marked me. I told him that he has a turning point in his life and he experienced the most extreme: a family was destroyed by a betrayal. One family that was not a couple and one child, or two, were four. My old man understood everything: if having all the happiness of the world and the certainty that “the house was in order”, his lifelong companion had collapsed all that perfect world, a stranger, is much more likely to “do his own”, because the link is tiny, or ephemeral. This is how one sometimes we try to be naive, to let go, and to don’t want to see, for the pain of being a victim of that “betrayal.” The mistrust, in these days without codes and without values, is common currency.



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