Why Swimming is the best sport ever.

As my opinion, Swimming is the best sport ever. But, at the same time, it can be the worst sport ever. Swimming allows you to waste 8,000 calories a day. It also makes you smell as though you’ve bathed yourself in abrasive disinfectants, Chlorine and morphs you into a monster with an insatiable appetite.

There are many reasons why swimming is the best and, maybe the worst, sport ever:
Think, for example, that swimming makes you equal parts confident and awkward.
That’s just what happens when you spend part of your day half-naked wearing almost nothing in public.
Statistics says that swimmers see more sunrises than anyone else.
On the one hand, exactly more than 90% of the population. On the other, witnessing that beautiful and majestic sunrise occurs while swimming/puking/freezing/shivering/regretting life.
Other Australian study reported that swimming makes you smarter because kids who swim are more advanced than their non-swimming counterparts. However, too much chlorine may severely damage the brain cells.
The most positive of that sport is the fact that swimmers are the cleanest athletes in sports.
Literally. Swimming in chlorine is like body-soaking in abrasive disinfectants.
Swimming burns your body fat percentage, but it also destroys your grocery bill. Sure, because you’ll spend half your paycheck at the grocery store on bacon, pasta, and Nutella, the latter of which you’ll likely finish before you even get home.
When you swim, you’re literally immersed inside a quiet, refreshing, technology-free element. There are no cell phones. No email, nothing. So while swimming is a nice respite from the real world.
Finally, think about swimming is like flying. The water is your sky. So the next time you go swimming, you can close your eyes and enjoy the weightless freedom and liberation.





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